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Digital Twin Driven Service
Tao, Fei
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Digital Twin Driven Smart Service draws on the latest industry practice and research to explain how to implement digital twin service in a range of scenarios. It addresses relevant theory and methodologies including product service, prognostic health management service, energy efficient service and testing service. This is followed by detailed discussions of key enabling technologies supported by cutting-edge case studies of implementation. As a way to realize the interaction and integration of the physical world and cyber world, digital twins have attracted great attention from academic researchers and industrial users. The core idea of "data + model = service" continues to expand, and service plays an increasingly important role in production and manufacturing. With the help of data and models, a digital twin can simulate the behavior of physical entities, allowing a greatly increased capacity to observe, understand, optimize, and control objects in the physical world. This simulation technology can predict the future state of a product in the physical world, uncovering new avenues to improve product durability at an early design stage, and plan service schedules with unprecedented precision. In order to enable practitioners and researchers to fully grasp the digital twin driven service, this book elaborates on the development of service, as well as the scope of digital twin service. It explores the new and improved approaches of digital twin driven services, which lead to innovative solutions to important problems in product lifecycle management. Drawing on the work of researchers at the forefront of this technology, this book is the ideal guide for anyone interested in product services, manufacturing services and digital twin services. This book is one part of a trilogy on digital twins, the other titles being Digital Twin Driven Smart Design and Digital Twin Driven Smart Manufacturing.

  • A wide range of applications are covered, including tribological testing, cutting tool service, and energy efficiency assessment
  • Explains everything needed to understand and implement digital twin models for service; the framework, theory, and technology
  • Explores future challenges for research in this area, including the ongoing standardization of digital twin technology

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