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Sleep Disorders Sourcebook
Jones, Keith, Ed.
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ConsHlth: Respiratory
Omingraphic, Inc.
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According to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 50 million Americans suffer from sleep problems that can affect their careers, their personal relationships, and their safety. The effects of sleep loss are wide-ranging-studies have shown that a lack of sleep impacts the immune system, mood, memory, the ability to learn and process new information, and even weight. Sleep Disorders Sourcebook, 4th Edition, offers basic information about common sleep disorders and other health problems that affect sleep. It explains how much sleep is needed, the causes and consequences of sleep deprivation, and the methods used to prevent, diagnose, and treat sleep disorders. Pediatric sleep concerns are also discussed. This book is divided into parts and chapters. Parts focus on broad areas of interest. Chapters are devoted to single topics within a part. Part I: Sleep Basics presents facts about why and how people sleep, including an explanation of circadian rhythms, the stages and physical characteristics of sleep, the benefits of napping, and what is known about dreaming. It discusses certain myths associated with sleep, and describes gender differences in sleep, and it explains how aging affects sleep patterns. Part II: The Causes and Consequences of Sleep Deprivation defines sleep deprivation and discusses its physical effects, including how loss of sleep can contribute to the of development physical disorders. It also describes the effects sleepiness has on memory, problem solving, learning, working, and driving. Part III: Sleep Disorders describes disorders that directly affect the ability to get a good night's sleep. These include breathing disorders, such as sleep apnea and snoring, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, and parasomnias. It also discusses Kleine-Levin syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, and restless leg syndrome. Narcolepsy and disorders associated with excessive sleeping are also discussed. Part IV: Other Health Probl

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