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Medicine > Medical Informatics
Health Informatics: A Systems Perspective
Brown, Gordon D.
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Medical Informatics
Health Administration Press
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As the reach and influence of technology grow, the world becomes increasingly connected. What happens in one system finance, manufacturing, research, infrastructure, supply chain, and many more can have a significant impact on the activities and outcomes in other systems. Healthcare is no exception. Connecting all of these systems is vital in order to properly support clinical care. Health informatics has the potential to align these interlocking systems in a way that transforms clinical decision-making and healthcare delivery to optimize overall system performance. Health Informatics: A Systems Perspective takes a systems approach to leveraging information in healthcare and enhancing providers capabilities through the use of technology and knowledge transfer. The book offers a conceptual framework for aligning clinical decision processes with system infrastructures, including information technology, organizational design, financing, and evaluation. The book's contributors-all leading academics and healthcare practitioners-balance theoretical viewpoints with practical considerations. Case studies and informative sidebars support theory with real-world applications, while learning objectives, key concepts, and discussion questions facilitate learning and reinforce content. A glossary, which defines the main concepts and key terminologies presented in the text, provides a useful overview of the material. Thoroughly updated and revised, the second edition includes three new chapters on information systems in relation to population health, global health systems, and alternative financial mechanisms and their compatibility with innovative delivery models. Additional topics include: The role of human resources and information technology in healthcare, knowledge-based decision-making, transforming clinical work processes, nursing informatics, precision medicine, data and information security. An essential resource for students and practicing

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