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Take Charge of Your Nursing Career: Open the Door to Your Dreams
Marshall, Lois S.
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Nursing: Nursing as a Profession
Sigma Theta Tau International
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The essential theme of the book is the notion of career as a fluid process. A career is not stagnant or simply a job. It is a process that must be nurtured-constantly grown and managed. A career is an opportunity to find one's voice and use it to promote both the individual and professional impact of one's expertise. A career should be challenging, always giving way to more learning and mentoring opportunities. Career is a global concept; the intricacies of career development and management across the globe cannot be overlooked. A career journey ebbs and flows-one of the great characteristics of a professional nursing career. There are always options to consider on one's career path-opportunities to gain experience and expertise in diverse areas, often never considered by professional nurses. Take Charge of Your Nursing Career provides the reader with a unique and distinct perspective on career development and management. It covers timely and relevant topics, strategies, tips, and examples for professional nurses to use to develop and manage their careers from beginning to end. It also provides resources and websites that they can access as needed as they define their personal career trajectory. The topics discussed throughout the book are ones that professional nurses at all points on their career journey are asking about and dealing with in their careers, now and in the future. Professional nurses can turn to this user- friendly book through the entirety of their career.

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