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Nursing > Nursing: Home Health
Handbook of Home Health Standards: Quality, Documentation, and Reimbursement (Revised Reprint)
Marrelli, Tina M.
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Nursing: Home Health
[DNLM: 1.Home Care Services - Standards - United States - Handbooks]
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    Feature: Offers easy-to-access and easy-to-read format

    Benefit:?Guides users step by step through important home care standards and documentation guidelines

    Feature: Provides practical tips for effective documentation of diagnoses/clinical conditions commonly treated in the home

    Benefit: Ensures appropriate reimbursement from third party payors.

    Feature: Lists ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes in each body system section, along with a complete alphabetical list of all codes included in the book in an appendix.

    Benefit: Assists in?completing CMS billing forms.

    Feature: Incorporates hospice care and documentation standards

    Benefit:?Providers can create effective hospice documentation.

    Feature:?Provides guidelines based on the most current approved standards of care.

    Benefit: Ensures the provision of quality care

    Feature: Includes the most current NANDA-approved nursing diagnoses

    Benefit:?Providers have the most accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips.

    Feature: Identifies skilled services.

    Benefit: Includes services appropriate for the multidisciplinary team to perform.

    Feature: Offers discharge planning solutions to address specific concerns

    Benefit:?Providers can easily identify the plan of discharge that most effectively meets the patient's needs.

    Feature: Lists the crucial parts of all standards that specific members of the multidisciplinary team (e.g., the nurse, social worker) must uphold

    Benefit: Allows the multidisciplinary team?to work effectively together to achieve optimum patient outcomes.

    Feature: Includes updated resources for care and practice

    Benefit: Directs providers to useful sources to improve patient care and/or enhance their professional practice.

    Feature: Each set of guidelines includes patient, family, and caregiver education

    Benefit: Health care providers can supply clients with necessary information for specific problems or concerns.

    Feature: Communication tips identify quantifiable data

    Benefit:?Assists in providing insurance case managers with information on which to make effective patient care decisions.

    Feature: Several useful sections: medicare guidelines; home care definitions, roles, and abbreviations; NANDA-approved nursing diagnoses; guidelines for home medial equipment and supplies.

    Benefit:? Ensures the most?thorough and complete reference for home health care.

    Feature: Small trim size and spiral binding

    Benefit:?Convenient for portability and easy access to content.

      Feature: Includes the most current OASIS C Assessment and Consideration codes and data elements.

      Benefit: Ensures complete, accurate, and timely completion of documentation for effective reimbursement.

      Feature: Up-to-date forms and templates

      Benefit: Illustrate accurate completion of the Point of Care (POC) and Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS-C)

      Feature: Updated terminology, definitions,?and references

      Benefit:?Reflects the current terminology and definitions and most recent resources useful to clinicians and managers in home care.??

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