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Nursing > Nursing: Community Health
Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community
Stanhope, Marcia
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Nursing: Community Health
Elsevier Health Science
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Gain a solid understanding of community and public health nursing with this industry-standard text! Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community, 11th Edition, provides up-to-date information on issues such as infectious diseases, natural and man-made disasters, and healthcare policies affecting individuals, families, and communities. This edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect current data, issues, trends, and practices presented in an easy-to-understand, accessible format. Additionally, real-life scenarios show examples of health promotion and public health interventions, and case studies for the Next-Generation NCLEX? Examination help strengthen your clinical judgment. Ideal for BSN and Advanced Practice Nursing programs, this comprehensive, bestselling text will provide you with a greater understanding of public health nursing!

  • Focus on Quality and Safety Education for Nurses boxes give examples of how quality and safety goals, competencies, and objectives, knowledge, skills, and attitudes can be applied in nursing practice in the community.
  • Evidence-Based Practice boxes illustrate the use and application of the latest research findings in public/community health nursing.
  • Healthy People boxes describe federal health and wellness goals and objectives.
  • Check Your Practice boxes feature a scenario and questions to promote active learning and encourage students to use clinical judgment skills as they contemplate how to best approach the task or problem in the scenario.
  • Linking Content to Practice boxes describe the nurse's role in a variety of public and community health areas, giving specific examples of the nurse's role in caring for individuals, families, and populations.
  • UNIQUE! Separate chapters covering promoting healthy communities, the Intervention Wheel, and nurse-led health centers teach students the initiatives and various approaches to population and community-centered nursing care.
  • Levels of Prevention boxes address the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of community/public health nursing as related to chapter content.
  • How To boxes provide practical application to practice.
  • End-of-chapter Practice Application scenarios, Key Points, and Clinical Judgment Activities promote application and in-depth understanding of chapter content.
  • NEW! Updated content and figures reflect a stronger focus on population health, current data, issues, trends, and practices, including public health nursing and COVID-19.
  • NEW! Reorganized chapters create a stronger, more streamlined approach to aid in learning and better assist digital learners.
  • NEW! Healthy People 2030 objectives highlighted throughout the book address the health priorities and emerging health issues expected in the next decade.
  • NEW! Next-Generation NCLEX? Examination-Style Unfolding Case Studies on the Evolve companion website provide additional opportunities to expand clinical judgment.

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