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Medicine > Molecular Biology
Bioinformatics for Computer Science: Foundations for Molecular Biology
Revett, Kenneth
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Molecular Biology
Biohealthcare Publishing
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This key book serves as a comprehensive introduction to the required molecular biology background necessary for non-biologists - especially computer scientists - to engage in bioinformatics- based research programs. In the book, biological background information examines in detail the three principal classes of biomolecules that are essential to current bioinformatics research programmes: proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates. These biomolecules are discussed at such a depth to provide the reader with a solid understanding of the basics of the structure and function of these classes of molecules, within the context of molecular biology. Next, the reader is introduced to two topics that form major driving forces within bioinformatics: structure/function relationships within proteins and gene regulatory networks. How these issues are addressed has opened up a number of research fields within bioinformatics: basic sequence alignment strategies, gene regulatory network models, microarrays and related technologies. Due to the sheer volume of data generated when investigating these areas, computing technology has played a vital role. This book attempts to bridge the gap between the underlying biological questions and the methodologies employed in bioinformatics. The goal is to provide both the biologist with some of the required computational knowledge, and the non-biologist with the necessary understanding of the required concepts to allow them to develop more domain-specific approaches to address key questions in bioinformatics.

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