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Law, Mary
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Occupational Therapy
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COPM Inc. is proud to publish the Revised 5th Edition of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM). The COPM is the gold standard for measuring occupational performance in both clinical and community settings. It is an individualized measure designed to detect change in a client's self-reported occupational performance over time. Based upon an explicit model of occupational therapy practice, the COPM encompasses the occupational performance areas of self-care, productivity and leisure. The COPM is used to: identify problem areas in occupational performance; provide a rating of the client's priorities in occupational performance; evaluate performance and satisfaction relative to those problem areas; provide the basis for goal-setting; and measure changes in a client's perception of his/her performance and satisfaction over the course of intervention. The COPM Manual and Form, first published in 1991, has enjoyed worldwide acceptance as an outcome measure. This revised edition of the manual contains information on the features of the measure, the theoretical basis of the measure and its development. Chapters include how to administer the COPM, the psychometric properties of the COPM, and an extensive list of references. It also contains a new chapter; "The COPM In Action" which comprises information about how the COPM is used in clinical and research practice and COPM practice tools and resources. The revised COPM measure contains all the relevant information on one double-sided 8" by 11.5" sheet. Each form contains space for client and therapist information and can fit easily into client records. Since 1991, over 8 million COPM measures have been completed around the world. The COPM will help you to implement client-centred practice enabling clients to identify the problems for therapy intervention and to measure the outcome of therapy.

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