Table of Contents







Chapter 1

Transcultural Caring Dynamics in Nursing and Health Care   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 2

The Essence of Caring   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 3

Transcultural Caring Ethics   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 4

Transcultural Context for Transcultural Nursing   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 5

Universal Sources   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 6

Transcultural Caring Inquiry: Awareness, Understanding, and Choice   Marilyn A. Ray





Chapter 7

Transcultural Caring Competency in Transculturally Dynamic Communities   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 8

The Border and Pueblo: An American Mexican Cultural Experience   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 9

A Vibrant African American Community: The 49ers and the Quest for Justice   The Community of 49ers with Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 10

The Story of a Guatemalan Mayan Farmworker   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 11

The Transcultural Social and Health Experience of an Asian Indian Widow   A. Judith Czerenda


Chapter 12

The Cultural, Health Care, and Intermtgration Experience of a Filipino Nurse   Marilyn A. Ray with Agnes Hay


Chapter 13

Transcultural Diversity within Unity in Jamaica: Out of Many, One People   Florence Keane


Chapter 14

Cuban American Transcultural Experiences and the Quest for Freedom in the United States   Susana Fortun


Chapter 15

Puerto Rican Transcultural and Health Beliefs in a Western New York Community   Marilyn A. Ray in Memory of Barbara Higgins


Chapter 16

The Nurse Manager in a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit and the Organizational Complexity of a Hospital Culture   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 17

Haitian Familyís Health Experience and the Public School System   Charlotte Barry


Chapter 18

Elderly Native American Navajoís Health Experience in the Nursing Home Culture   Marilyn A. Ray with Francelyn Reeder


Chapter 19

The Transcultural Caring Experience of a Haitian Girl and a Nurse Practitioner in an Adolescent Correctional Facility   Josie A. Weiss


Chapter 20

The Heart of Suffering, Mourning, and Healing in the Jewish Spiritual Culture: A Motherís Story   Anita Beckerman


Chapter 21

The American Chinese Transcultural Maternal-Child and Family Experience in China   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 22

Extending Hands: Transcultural Caring in Saudi Arabia   Marilyn A. Ray and Sandra Lovering


Chapter 23

American Nurses and the Native People of Ecuador: The Transcultural Experience of Shamanism   Mary Enzman Hines


Chapter 24

The Culture of Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Political/Sociocultural Illness: Healing through Education and Love   M. Christopher Saslo


Chapter 25

The Political-Legal Culture of Mufticulturalism and Interculturality: The Story of Canada   Marilyn A. Ray


Chapter 26

Cocreating the Future Culture of Nursing: Transcultural Caring at Home and Around the World, and in Space   Marilyn A. Ray