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Prologue by Shinzen Young



Foreword by William C. Mootz, M.D



Foreword by my Parents



Preface—My Story






Who Should Read This Book?



Introduction: Why This Book Was Written and How to Best Use It



The 9 Secrets: One or More Will Help You



Benefits Offered by This Book



Questions This Book Answers



How to Best Use This Book



For More Information


Chapter 1

False Friends—How Some of Your Favorite Foods May Be Perpetuating Your Pain



Case Histories



The Lessons


Chapter 2

Food Sensitivities—What They Are, How They Develop and What to Do About Them



It's Not All in Your Mind—Get the Treatments You Need to Correct Underlying Physical Problems



Learning the Lingo—Terms Used in the Discussion of Food Sensitivities



Important Information Your Doctor May Not Know-Differences Between Classical Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities



Differences Between Classical Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities



4 Factors That Cause Food Sensitivities



1 Leaky Gut Syndrome



2 The Breakdown of Oral Tolerance



3 Low Levels of Certain Detoxification Enzymes



4 Dietary Lectins and Blood Type Reactions



Questions and Answers About Food Sensitivities



Long-Term Benefits


Chapter 3

Food Sensitivities—How to Test for Them



An Overview—The Best Place to Start Testing



An Overview—The Absolute Most Reliable Way to Test



Step 1 of Testing—Elimination of Problem Foods



Step 2 of Testing—Reintroduction of Suspect Foods



Foods That Most Commonly Trigger Food Intolerance Reactions



Foods That Often Trigger Food Intolerance Reactions



Foods That Sometimes Trigger Food Intolerance Reactions



Foods That Seldom Trigger Food Intolerance Reactions



Cautionary Note—Cross-Reactions, Concomitant Reactions, Synergistic Reactions and Reactions to Whole Classes of Foods



Fermentation Products



Products That Can Contain Mold or Yeast



Checklist: Testing for Food Sensitivities






Elimination Phase of Testing If Juice Fasting



Elimination Phase of Testing If Using an Elimination Diet



Reintroduction Phase of Testing



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 4

Calming Your Inflammation and Activating Your Healing Potential—How to Therapeutically Fast



A Brief History of Fasting—How Therapeutic Fasting Is Different from Water or Religious Fasting



Long History of Success—Juice Fasting in European Clinics



Miraculous Relief—How Fasting Stops Chronic Inflammation Better Than Anti-Inflammatory Drugs



A Call to Health—4 Ways Fasting Activates Your Body's Natural Ability to Heal



The Mechanics—6 Simple Skills for Successfully Undertaking a Therapeutic Fast



How to Fast at Home—An Overview



While on the Fast—What to Expect



Daily Schedule



The Critical Step—How to Successfully Break a Fast



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 5

Food Sensitivities—How to Avoid Offending Foods and Food Additives in a World of Vague, Incomplete and Confusing Food Labels



Using Labels to Identify Allergens—2 Problems



Problem No. 1—Loopholes That Allow Unlisted Ingredients



Problem No. 2—Use of Alternative Names to Hide Additives



Other Hidden Dangers—How to Avoid Triggering Sensitivities through Contact and Inhalation



3 Steps to Reduce Exposure to Hidden Toxins



How to Get Safe Products



A Dangerous Gamble—Genetically Engineered Food



The Value of Detective Work— My Experience with Corn Sensitivity



Checklist—Steps to Take to Avoid Offending Substances



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 6

Super-Important Information— Names on Food Labels That Can Indicate Hidden Allergens



How to Use This Chapter



How My Food Sensitivities Affect the Completeness of the Allergen Lists



Names Used on Food Labels That Can Indicate Hidden Allergens



Write Me



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 7

Food Sensitivities— Products That Can Contain Hidden Allergens



How to Use This Chapter



Products That Can Contain Hidden Allergens



Write Me



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 8

Additives to Avoid



10 Additives to Avoid



19 Other Suspect Food Additives



Checklist: Avoiding Hidden Allergens



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 9

Strategies for Restocking Your Kitchen with Safe Food



Setting Yourself Up for Great Meals— 6 Hints for Restocking your Kitchen



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 10

How to Modify Your Favorite Recipes



Safe Versions of Your Favorite Foods— How to Modify Your Favorite Recipes



Substitution Guide



11 Leavening Options



8 Alternatives to Eggs for Baking



23 Alternatives for Thickening and Binding



9 Additional Thickeners and Binders



24 Grain and Flour Options



Water/Cooking Times for Grains



16 Alternative Sweeteners



2 Options for Moisteners



11 Options for Fats and Oils



20 Alternatives to Cow's Milk



Alternative Meats



Modifying a Corn Bread Recipe—2 Examples



Checklist—Modifying a Recipe



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 11

Strategies for Eating Out and for Traveling



How to Get a Good Meal at a Restaurant—5 Important Steps



Checklist for Eating Well at Restaurants



The Challenges of an Extended Trip— 10 Hints for Eating Well While Traveling



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 12

No Need to Feel Deprived—46 Quick and Delicious Recipes for Healthy, Allergen-Free Food



The Arthritis-Healing Effects of the Foods Used in These Recipes



The Recipes



About These Recipes






Yogurt and Cottage Cheese



Salads and Dressings



Lentil Dishes



Chickpea Dishes






Vegetable Dishes












24 Other Recipes in Chapters 10 and 11



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 13

Ridding Yourself of Current Food Intolerances and Avoiding New Ones—13 Strategies






13 Strategies for Minimizing and Eliminating Food Sensitivities



1 Rotation Diets



2 Elimination Diets



3 Correct Leaky Gut Syndrome



4 Alleviate Symptoms Caused by Overwhelmed Sulfoxidation and Sulfation Detoxification Pathways



5 Improve Detoxification by Supporting the Liver



6 Avoid Damage from Lectins



7 ImproveThymus Function



8 High-Dose Vitamin C



9 Provocation-Neutralization Treatments



10 Enzyme-Potentiated Desensitization (EPD)



11 Acupressure



12 Machaelle Small Wright and the Medical Assistance Program



13 Meditation






Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 14

Superior Nutritional Support- How to Eat to Maximize Healing



Good Food



Bad Foods vs. Good Foods



The Basic Healing Diet



13 Advantages of a Diet High in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and Minimally Processed Foods



8 Types of Foods and Supplements to Maximize Healing from Arthritis Specifically



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 15

Transforming Your Relationship to Pain— How to Use Meditation as a Powerful Aid in Healing



Not Just for Mystics Anymore— What Meditation Is and Why It Is So Useful for Dealing with Chronic Pain



The Mechanics—Step by Step Guide to 2 Simple and Powerful Meditation Techniques



How to Get the Most Out of Meditation—2 Hints



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 16

Partaking of the Elixir of Youth— How to Gain Maximum Benefits from Exercise Even If You Are Still Quite III



Why Exercise?— Inactivity Alone Can Cause Pathological Changes



Documented Benefits of Exercise for People with Arthritis



The 4 Keys for Exercising for Anyone with Arthritis



The 7 Types of Exercise That Are Best for Arthritis



Long-Term Benefits





Chapter 17

Clearing Up Residual Pain and Stiffness— How to Erase Pesky Myofascial Trigger Points (TPs)



The Real Cause of Much Pain and Stiffness—How Tight Spots in Muscles Mimic Joint Pain and Limit Range of Motion



How to Determine If You Have Myofascial Trigger Points



How Myofascial Trigger Points Are Caused and Perpetuated— Many Factors Contribute



The Cure—How to Erase Trigger Points



Post-Traumatic Hyperirritability Syndrome— Even This Can Be Treated



Enlisting the Help of a Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist or Other Healing Professional— Finding Someone with the Right Training



How to Benefit the Most



Long-Term Benefits






Conclusion—How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck, Plus 5 Bonus Secrets



The Best Order for Implementing the 9 Secrets



6 Examples of How the Healing Strategies Work Together Synergistically



5 Bonus Healing Secrets— How to Find and Implement the Perfect Mix of Healing Strategies for Your Unique Situation



Please Write Me





Appendix A

4 Factors That Cause Food Sensitivities and Arthritis



1 Leaky Gut Syndrome



2 The Breakdown of Oral Tolerance



3 Low Levels of Certain Detoxification Enzymes



4 Dietary Lectins and Blood Type Reactions


Appendix B

How Food Sensitivities Cause Pain and Fatigue and How to Stop It



Inappropriate Lymphokine Release



How to Maximize Healing—14 Things to Avoid



How to Get Well Even Faster— 14 Things You Can Do



Long-Term Benefits









Additional Resources